Amsterdam Dance Event

Autumn is a time of transition as the sweltering heat of summer tappers off, giving way to cooler days, longer nights, and for those of us blessed to be close enough to the land, a period of natural bounty. Alas, this past month has been quite magnanimous for Nightdrive and her fans. While SBTRKT, Thieves Like Us, and our Mission to Mars went off without a hitch, we still have that rag-tag cohort of digital psychonauts known as Azari and III to look forward to in the coming weeks! … MORE


Let’s talk house, more specifically deep house. It’s a kind of music that prides itself on evolving melodies and a subtleness that leave you feeling downright sexy as you sway back and forth to its intrinsic sensuality. We got some boys over in Hamburg that are doing it right and they’re called Smallpeople. Consisting of Julius Steinhoff and Just von Ahlefeld (AKA Dionne), the duo are owners of the Smallville Records label and record store. Smallville has been making a name for itself as one of the most premiere deep house imprints with diverse releases from artists like STL, Thomas Melchior, and Move D. I digress, let’s pivot back to the subjects at hand. … MORE