Leon Vynehall

Spin, Fact, RBMA, XLR8R, Boiler Room, and Rinse.fm have covered Leon Vynehall‘s work, he’s played alongside Mano Le Tough, Pional, Moodyman, Prosumer, Vakula, and many more, plus he’s remixed Midland, Juan Maclean, and Kevin Griffiths amongst others. He calls his music Lo-Fi soul house and claims “spuoɯɐıp sǝʞɐɯ ǝɹnssǝɹd ˙ɔısnɯ punoɹƃʞɔɐq ou s,ǝɹǝɥʇ ʇɐɥʇ sı ʎʇıןɐǝɹ ɥʇıʍ ǝןqnoɹʇ ןɐǝɹ ǝɥʇ” Check him out: … MORE

Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts

Listen to Canada born Berlin-based Guillaume Coutu Dumont’s music and you’ll be taken to a mystical place Gauguin must have also visited. Consider his music techno, acid, disco, and house but don’t forget the underlying world sound that often incorporates ethnic musical instruments blended with the synthesized sounds that make up the dance music we all love. … MORE

Jay da Headslick

Hopefully many of you are already familiar with Parisian disco duo Venice Beach if you’re not you can tune in to their Dusty YoYo radio show every Friday from 12-2pm est on KLANGBOX.FM. Although the two have been going strong and have released several awesome remixes lately Jay da Headslick has also been pumping out some deeper tracks under his solo side project. Read on to get some freebies! … MORE


I’m kinda bummed I missed Tobias & Simon aka Andhim when they were down here for WMC last week, but luckily it seems as though Treehouse has brought them down more than once so hopefully they’ll be back soon. The two Cologne natives started their “super house” movement at a very young age and have managed to engage a pretty large audience and various press outlets. They’re music is well crafted and highly enjoyable, we highly recommend you read on… … MORE

Skit & Tijani: Smooth Operators

So I’m on my way back home the other night when I decided to check what’s playing on the radio. Now, considering myself somewhat of a music elitist who in fact never actually listens to any local radio stations, I decide to tune in to one of the two radio programs via internet that I exclusively subscribe to; BBC Radio 1Xtra. My other station of course being Klangbox.fm [inserts 2 thumbs up!] Never having been let down before and surely enough as the station came through the speakers; my ears were instantly filled with immense joy. Now the culprits responsible for this suddenly unexplainable case of head bobbing and body grooving are nun other than the incredible talents of Skit & Tijani. The song title: “Sweat”. This new electronic R&B banger is being released on Plastician’s (Dubstep and Grime pioneer) label Terrorhythm Recordings (UK). … MORE


Local duo Swanken is Sean Levisman + Jonathan Schwab or as they describe themselves: “Two white boys on an epic quest to find that elusive thing called soul.” PetFood, So Sound, Musical Missionary have released some of their tracks although these boys are pretty generous on soundcloud where they’ve posted quite a few freebies. Expect deep house, garage, and some local collaborations… good stuff! … MORE

Gorgon City ft. MNEK: Ready & Waiting

As many of you might already be aware, there’s a wave of freshly cut production’s heading our way, from across the pond (UK). –(Yes, I’m aware that rhymed.) Moving along… Gorgon City is the name that comes to mind, as they have been taking the industry by storm and getting massive support left, right and center by some of the biggest DJ’s and radio personalities out there. If you’re not yet familiar with Gorgon City and MNEK’s work, I certainly suggest you do so. These majestic music makers will do nothing if but provide dope dance grooves inflicting all sorts of ear orgasmic pleasure. … MORE

Chevaliers Liqueur

Chevaliers Liqueurs self describe themselves as 2 young French producers. Gathering from their antics on youtube they seem to be two talented very young wacky dudes with enough time on their hands to make some good time indie/nu disco/house music. We found out about them through French label Bambousek Records and we’re very pleased to have made this discovery. … MORE

DI MARTINELLI : Borneland Remix

I’m not sure whether to make this post about Di Martinelli or about the Borneland brothers so we’ll just discuss the remix at hand. “You Could Be My Lover” feat. Sophie Galpin also remixed by the Bornelands is a distinct take on deep house. I also haven’t decided if this one would get a dance floor moving, but it will definitely get your head bobbing and shoulders shimmying. The vocals on this track are silky smooth, it’s lyrics are super catchy, and the synths are pleasantly simple. Have a listen … MORE