Dude Skywalker: Street Life

We LOVE introducing new tracks to the blogsphere via Nightdrive especially if they’re by local masterminds. Fabio, Sam, and Alex a.k.a. Dude Skywalker are at it again with a brand spankin’ new remix of Randy Crawford’s “Street Life”. Last time they wowed us with their original production “To The Floor” which you can grab off of our previous D.S. post. According to the guys this one is a bit more upbeat and dance floor-ready. … MORE

Bonnie Beats: Sequin Steps (Exclusive Nightdrive Mix)

Hello darling Nightdrivers, allow me to introduce myself: The name’s Bonnie Consuela Maria Garcia Beats, but you can call me Profesora. I’m kidding, c’mon man. No, but really, many of you might know me as the slightly boisterous and big-haired Bonnie Beats of Wynwood Radio’s Sample City or might have heard my name (and sound) buzzing through the streets of Miami. In any case, I have had the honor of being invited to join the talented roster of DJ artists of Nightdrive’s Collective an-.. yes, yes I know, hold the applause, I’ll take your questions later, and I wanted express my gratitude by putting a mix together in honor of Nightdrive’s discoheads and distinct fans. … MORE