Monitor 66

You guys all know how much we love gentle therapeutic disco on this here blog, so it only makes sense for us to share the glory of Monitor 66‘s tracks. Hannes Rehnström, Calle Hemström & Hannes Forsman from somewhere “By The Shore” in Sweden make up the 3 piece. … MORE

Dead Rose Music Company

I really can’t get enough of this guy and it’s safe to say that he’s right up there on my list of top 5 producers/editors at the current moment. Dead Rose Music Company has been releasing some of the most epic edits I’ve heard in a bit. Using looped vocal samples from soul and R&B along with tight string and piano work, DRMC has mastered the art of build-ups, crescendos and even “fake” crescendos, constructing his tracks off a tension that drives even the passive party-goer into a dance fit. … MORE


Finnebassen (Finn Peder Wang) is, in his own words, “a 24-year-old guy who makes house music.” Modest as he may be, the young Norweigan’s productions have garnered significant attention in a very short period of time, most recently having been featured in Aeroplane’s April chart mix. That track, a deep take on Aaliyah’s If Your Girl Only Knew, marks his first commercial release via Electronique, and with a follow-up due soon on The House of Disco, it’s safe to say that the buzz around Finnebassen is only going to multiply as the year goes on.

[audio=]Finnebassen- The Wilhelm Scream (Finn Pilly Sneaky Edit)

Grab If You Only Knew here and watch out for more amazing stuff from this guy.

Guest Post by Luciano Medori