Amsterdam Dance Event

Autumn is a time of transition as the sweltering heat of summer tappers off, giving way to cooler days, longer nights, and for those of us blessed to be close enough to the land, a period of natural bounty. Alas, this past month has been quite magnanimous for Nightdrive and her fans. While SBTRKT, Thieves Like Us, and our Mission to Mars went off without a hitch, we still have that rag-tag cohort of digital psychonauts known as Azari and III to look forward to in the coming weeks! … MORE

Sonar Barcelona 2012

A few months ago I heard one of the Ultra Music Festival organizers comment that European festivals were way ahead of the curve as far as production value and organization. Having studied festival production/ live entertainment management for the last few years and working in concert production compelled me to check out the differences for myself. I’ve been hearing about Sonar for a while now and felt like this might be the right time to check a Eurofest out. The UMF guy was absolutely correct, they have the right idea here in Barcelona. … MORE