Azari & III Ticket Giveaway

We’re loving the general enthusiasm for the Azari & III show tomorrow night at Grand Central. It’s been something we’ve been working on for years and can’t wait to share with you guys. We’ve also added local act Kurtz & Bomber and our own Laura of Miami to the bill. Yesterday Grand Central had a Facebook ticket give away and people were saying things like:

“I haven’t heard this type of feel good music in a long time. Their rhythm is sick and I’ve been a fan for whileeeeee!”

” I’ve never seen them live and I’ve never been to grand central and I’m driving up all the way from key west for this show”

“Unless you’ve been living under a rock for two years, you’ve heard “hungry for the power” and all of its beautiful remixes. They’ll be here on Friday. Bam!”

We’re just as excited as you are and now it’s our turn to dish up some free passes for y’all. … MORE

Radio Nightdrive 11.8.12


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