Poolside Interview & Ticket Give-Away

This Saturday, October 27th three notably distinct acts including Com Truise, Poolside and Bonde Do Role will perform at Eve for Mission to Mars. I was able to snag a quick interview with Poolside before their performance this weekend to get you guys warmed up. The duo made had their debut Miami performance last year opening for The Rapture and now they are back for more (how can we blame them). Although the weather may not hold up this weekend, Poolside will most definitely compensate with their warm vocals and upbeat melodies.

Nightdrive: First off, tell us a little bit about yourselves and your background. How did you guys meet/start making music together?

Poolside: We’ve known each other for about 8 years. We met at a party I (Jeffrey) used to throw in San Francisco called Frisco Disco. I had Junior Senior as guest DJs on their first US tour. At the time Filip was the bass player in the band and he came out to the gig. We got to talking about music and records at the club and really hit it off. We went out to an after party and just had a lot of fun and same musical interests. At the time he lived in Denmark and we didn’t really think we would ever meet up again, but a year later he came out to LA for a few months and we wound up hanging out again and we started playing around in the studio making some songs and just having fun, nothing too serious. and there is where it all started.

ND: What inspired you to name your band Poolside? Were you literally by the pool when you conceptualized everything or is it about the sound?

PS: Our studio is a converted pool house in Los Feliz and it’s literally steps away from the pool, we we’re making music and then listening to it in the pool one hot weekend and decided that we would focus the music on that sort of “poolside” vibe and we call that “daytime disco”

ND: ‘Pacific Standard Time’ was quickly embraced by fans and other artists that as a result remixed songs off the album, did you see this coming?

PS: We didn’t really think about what would happen. we just wanted to make the album and have it out by summer.

ND:Do you have a particular song that is your favorite to perform?

PS: That’s hard to say, right now we’re doing a song at the end of all our shows with our tour mates Bonde Do Role called “Baby Don’t Deny It” of their new album, they come up on stage with us and we all sing together and it’s been a lot of fun.

ND: Whats your favorite part about performing live?

PS: Just playing your songs live is fun by it’s self, so when you get a great audience and a really good sounding club, it can be almost magical.

ND: What are some of your favorite cities and/or venues to perform in?

PS: San Francisco at Mezzanine has been really great to us.

ND: Your sound has been known to be ‘Daytime Disco’ – can you describe the perfect conditions for listening to your music?

PS: It’s really up to the listener, I would say any setting where you are wanting to relax and enjoy life, ideally in a sunny environment, so bbqs, pool parties, scenic drives, in headphones on the beach etc. We’ve also realized a lot of people like the music because it transports them to that kind of feeling when they are in a stressful mood or unpleasant whether and I think I like that idea even better.

ND: What can we expect (or not expect for that matter) from your show this Saturday October 27th at Eve alongside Com Truise and Bonde do Role?

PS: We’ll be playing a lot of songs from the album, a song from our new EP, and a song with Bonde do Role and poolside together at the end.

ND: What is next for Poolside?

PS: We have a tour of South America and Europe before the end of the year. Then we’ll start writing the next album.

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Interview by Nicolette Neves

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