Future Feelings / Odyssey (Remixes)

Nightdrive always loves a good EP, but we get really excited when the follow-up remix ep is just as awesome. Mexico based Future Feelings released Odyssey back in October and then conjured up a batch of high profile producers to reinterpret their tracks, the result was unparalleled.

Straight from the artists’ mouth:

Future Feelings Odyssey EP is a recreation of space-disco, future-funk, and electro-boogie savoir faire made through late 70′s synths soundscapes and 80′s miscellaneous. Without falling into cliché or trendy, the music was developed both for dance floor glory as for sensitive listening. The project is run by combining vintage synthesizers such as Obi-8, Juno 60, Minimoog, Prophet 5, TR-808, and SH-101, with current technology like Ableton.

…A lot of people got interested on Future Feelings music, and started to make new super good friends all over the world. Some of them selflessly contributed doing a remix for this EP. And now, here we are, introducing the Odyssey Remixes EP, featuring every single remix ever done from these originals. Thank you so much Pals, hope we can keep working together in the future. Take a listen to these beauties. Thanks again!

Posted by: Laura (of Miami) Sutnick

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