Dude Skywalker

If there were some kind of music Olympics Miami producers would be winning all sorts of gold medals. Get ready for new comers Dude Skywalker, I see great things coming from the local day disco trio in the near future. Enjoy their debut track “To the Floor” for now

Directly from the group:

‘Dude’ is a brand new project that arose kind of randomly very recently, but here’s some quick info about us:

Dude Skywalker consists of Sam (DJesp) Plessett, and two other long-time friends; Alex Borges, and Fabio Galarce. Plessett and Alex are DJ’s and producers and did most of the writing for the song. Fabio is a percussion wiz so we recorded him playing bongos, congas, and shakers, then built the song around that. We literally were just hanging around the pool one afternoon earlier this summer, slightly inebriated and inspired by the tropical setting, we decided to work on a beat together… “To The Floor” was the final product.


Posted by: Laura (de Miami) Sutnick

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