Danny Daze: Silicon

It’s been a minute since we reported about homeboy Danny Daze’s antics, but truthfully he’s been jet-setting for so long that it’s been hard to keep up. Today we received notice from Ultramajic of a brand new video for his latest EP Silicon animated by Joeri Woudstra. Take a 4 minute break from your day for a quick little mind trip. … MORE

Public District

Sweden’s Robert Svensson aka Public District has left a serious impression on our disco ears with his new release Wait For The Light off of Tom Tom Disco. His original productions are funktabulous and his choice of remixers is on point: Irregular Disco Workers and Tronik Youth. This oughtta get you’re Monday moving. … MORE

Rey & Kjavik

Rey & Kjavik is the brainchild of Magnús Rey and Ísak Kjavik. Two guys from the middle of fuckin’ nowhere, which choose to stay anonymous.” With that said lets discuss their music – they’ve had multiple releases off of Compost, Kindisch, Island Records, Get Physical, By Awake, Exploited, and Sex Panda. Their lyrics are on the creepy side, basslines are dark, and overall they’re music is made to make you dance. I hate to put them in a box, but I guess we can call their sound deep house with a little bit of attitude or just basically really good shit. … MORE

Session Victim tonight at The Electric Pickle

It’s been a minute since we last threw a Scaramouche party but we’re ba-ack and SUPER excited to bring you SESSION VICTIM all the way from Berlin for their Miami debut. The party starts at around 11, Laura of Miami will be warming up the Bolero Room before the duo comes on, and Patrick Walsh will be closing the house after they’re done. Don’t miss their all vinyl set as we’re sure they’re gonna make you move. If you’re not familiar read on or just trust us ;) … MORE

Ruede Hagelstein & The Noblettes

Ruede Hagelstein was introduced to me by my country-music-loving-yoga-teaching girlfriend – she always has amazing playlists during her yoga classes and Ruede’s track stuck out to me in the middle of downward dog one night. Upon further investigation I was pleasantly surprised to find out this Berlin producer is well known not just for his great house music releases (off the Souvenir imprint), but is also part of a magnificent 4 piece folk outfit Ruede Hagelstein & The Noblettes. … MORE

Baio remixes Cults

It’s been a minute since we posted some indie music so we thought the brand new Baio remix of Cults’ “High Road” would be appropriate. Cults just came out with a new 11 track album called Static. “The album’s imagery hints at Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion’s breakup — their figures are turned apart instead of toward each other, as on Cults’ cover — and yet their music is stronger than ever, balancing the elements they set forth on their debut with fewer gimmicks and more complexity.” … MORE

Egyptian Nipples

Egyptian Nipples always causes some giggling from Patrick and I when reading track titles and artists names during our Radio Nightdrive show (every Thursday 2-4pm on klangbox.fm). We’re not laughing at the actual music though, Egyptian Nipples is a pretty serious project from Massimiliano Paglara and Jules Etienne – two very talented producers ;) … MORE


Agraba, Berlin transplant via Russia has made quite the name for himself by playing at some of the best European festivals and raves including “Global Gathering, Diversion Festival, GES Festival, A-ZOV Festival, as well as being a constant resident at the infamous KAZANTIP Republic.” His production stye is pristine, uplifting, and deeply dramatic. He’s been picked up by Culprit, Akbal Music, My Favourite Robot Records, Highway Records, Twisted Frequency Records, and KDB Records. Be moved: … MORE

Poliça Remixed

In anticipation of their new album Shulamith Poliça has presented us with a new 6 track EP of both originals and remixes. We introduced the Minneapolis-based 4 piece band last February here on nightdrivemiami.com and also mentioned how Bon Iver said they’re his favorite new band ;) It’s great to see super talented emerging artists progress and even more fun to share their progress with you guys. … MORE