Comin’ straight out of Comp… Dublin!

Ahhh, this amazing woman… Where shall I begin?
For a slew of years now, this vivacious vixen has been intertwined with the life of the underground, providing us with an incredible outlet to the source. Whether it is new undiscovered tunes, live DJ sets, fashion and even interviews with some amazing local talents (Ireland) the girl does it all. Sarah O’Neil is her name aka, Fauxlie aka, NOTYOURGIRLFRIEND aka “why haven’t you checked her out already?!” Seriously.
Fauxlie, who goes by the DJ alias NOTYOURGIRLFIREND is an incredibly vibrant individual whose work and passion for music is undeniably apparent. After countless performances and showcasing here talents throughout the Dublin nightlife, Fauxlie was given the honor of hosting her own radio show on RTE Pulse; one of Irelands premier dance stations. … MORE

Larry Levan Paradise Garage mixes

Social media is amazing and so is this question we get once in a blue moon: “Can you guys please bring down Larry Levan?” We try not to be rude or condescending when answering, but I usually want to respond with “from the heavens?” Larry Levan passed away in 1992, but he did leave some epic disco mixes behind from his legendary residency at Paradise Garage in NYC (aside from his well known remixes). Thanks to social media these mixes have been resurfacing (aside from the physical copies of course) and are bringing back memories or better yet flashbacks to those who had the privilege and pleasure of experiencing the original (post) disco scene of the 1970s-80s. … MORE

Michael & Mattis

Michael & Mattis the part New York part Olso duo are taking credit for Hivern’s last release of 2013. The Hoes Before Bros EP has been called twisted, raw, and catchy – the production sounds purposely rough around the edges but has a pleasingly distinct and unique house flavor. If you’re interested in staying up to date with John Talabot’s cutting edge imprint, Hivern, check these guys out. … MORE


Our boy from New Zealand, Recloose, is back for his second release off Delusions of Grandeur. The EP release, titled It’s Too Late, is a three track follow-up to last year’s “Don’t Get Me Wrong.” With a bouncy rhythm, rubbery bass and soulful samples, “You Just Love You” is the stand-out track for me. … MORE