Larry Levan Paradise Garage mixes

Social media is amazing and so is this question we get once in a blue moon: “Can you guys please bring down Larry Levan?” We try not to be rude or condescending when answering, but I usually want to respond with “from the heavens?” Larry Levan passed away in 1992, but he did leave some epic disco mixes behind from his legendary residency at Paradise Garage in NYC (aside from his well known remixes). Thanks to social media these mixes have been resurfacing (aside from the physical copies of course) and are bringing back memories or better yet flashbacks to those who had the privilege and pleasure of experiencing the original (post) disco scene of the 1970s-80s. … MORE

Boris Dlugosch

Boris Dlugosch is one of those household dance music names that’s been around for decades now. The beauty of Dlugosch is that he’s helped pioneer the house music movement since the last days of disco and also kept his music relevant since. Below is not just a long-winded bio about a producer you should know but also relic of Miami’s edm beginnings. Read more and listen to Boris’ 1999 WMC Groovejet set – it’ll take you back. … MORE

Charanjit Singh

If you were to ask me about the origins of acid house before two days ago, I would of told you it started either in Chicago or some ancient druid castle squatted by neo-pagans in the hinterlands of Northern England. Phuture’s “Acid Tracks” released in 1987 is generally accepted as the first example of the genre but to learn about the true origins of acid we have to back a full five years and across the globe to India, I repeat, India:1982. I know, it sounds strange to believe but trust me on this one, it’s dope. … MORE

FAC Dance 02

Anyone who appreciates a strong dose of 80s post-punk nostalgia and all its eclectic weirdness will really enjoy Factory Records’ latest deep dive into its back catalog. Holding up to the light some of its lesser known acts, James Nice (of Factory Benelux) curates a spectrum of underground sounds ranging from jazz to dub to Arabic disco to electronic post-punk pop. … MORE


It’s been a while since we’ve actually posted about Rayko, even though we’ve mentioned him numerous times and he produces some of the best edits out there.  This guy is an edit machine.  If you visit his Soundcloud, you’ll see an endless stream of rarities given his magic touch-up.  That’s why we’re super excited to host him all the way from Madrid, Spain on Thursday (tomorrow) for our blog re-launch party at The Electric Pickle … MORE

Radio Nightdrive 6.7.12

It’s that time again.  This week and for the next few episodes, Laura will be globetrotting and leaving me (Patrick) to my own devices.  Tune in today 2-4PM for my very special set (but what set isn’t special?).  We got a mix of some old and new including some local Miami material.  See the playlist below and directions on how to tune in!

Kavinsky- 1986
Cubenx- Wait & See
Jimmy Edgar- Switch Switch
Débruit- Marabout
Magicks- Catalyst
Was Not Was- Wheel Me Out
Hall & Oats- Out Of Touch (Rayko Gremlin edit)
Warpaint- Undertow (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)
Anoraak- Nightdrive With You
Thomass Jackson- Royce
Lazaro Casanova- DeLorean’s Groove Feat. Amy Douglas (MANIK Retro Mix)
Cage And Aviary- In Todd We Trust
Gazeebo- Bedroom Bullies (Gazeebo’s Censored mix)
Satin Jackets- Girl, Forever
John Talabot- When The Past Was Present
Bozzwell- Ambition
Mathieu Cle- To Begin With
TEETH- See Spaces (Sister Mantos Remix)
Kurtz & Bomber- Such a Rush

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