Fluxus Head

Coming to us from Germany this week and instilling some mysteriously sensual electronic vibrations in our ears is Fluxus Head. His remixes are all experimental and unique, yet organically arranged in a way that makes them all extremely appealing. Fluxus Head describes his music as extractions of his surroundings, in which he builds journeys that translate powerful imaginary pictures into sound. … MORE


Earlier this week electronic music producer, Dromes, reached out to me wearing his music on his sleeve. I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of well-rounded remixes and original tracks, which range from deep house to nu disco and even hip-hop. I then reached out with some questions, which resulted in this short, but sweet interview. You can also find some exclusive downloads below available only on Nightdrive ;) … MORE

Ruf Dug

You gotta love Ruf Dug‘s sense of purism, humor, and what seems like sarcastic disdain for self promotion – he’s all about the music which speaks for itself. I spent a good hour looking for some biographical info to share with you guys until my frustration just led to a direct facebook message: “Hello Ruf, I’m trying to do a write up on you on nightdrivemiami.com but I can’t find a bio anywhere. Do you have an epk or RA page?”

I LOVED his response: … MORE

Navigateur resurfaces: interview & giveaway

Earlier this year I introduced Navigateur on Nightdrive for the first time. He’s now back on the blog with a new LP titled “S U R F A C E” which was released just this Monday October 28th off of Formalogic Records. This multi-instrumentalist takes us on a trip into a galaxy of synths, drum loops, and samples bringing us new tracks that are low on BPM, but high on atmosphere. I was able to get a couple words from Carlos (aka Navigateur) regarding his latest release, which lucky for us we can share with you guys for free download. Enjoy! … MORE

Lapalux Interview

Essex based producer Stuart Howard, better known as Lapalux, pays us a visit this Saturday September 7th at Bardot as part of his 2013 North American Tour. The UK native released his debut album ‘Nostalchic’ earlier this year off of Flying Lotus’ record label Brainfeeder, which is chalk full of sensually textured experimental tracks. Not surprisingly, Lapalux prefers to perform live versus DJing which means there’s an interesting performance in store. … MORE

Palmbomen Interview & Ticket Contest

Berlin-based Dutch producer Palmbomen will be on the carpet this Thursday July 25th at Bardot gracing use with his profound and peculiar edits and originals ranging from ‘60s Psychedelia to ‘80s Italo-Disco. With releases off NON Records, Kitsuné Maison, Soulwax and more, this Summer will mark Palmbomen’s first DJ set tour across the East and West Coast. Here’s an interview with the man behind the synths and a ticket give-away after the jump! … MORE

Radio Nightdrive 6.20.13

We’re absolutely thrilled to launch our brand new radio station, KLANGBOX.FM this week and thus the triumphant return of Radio Nightdrive, every Thursday from 2-4PM. Laura and I are back in the studio along with some of the best and brightest talents that Miami has to offer. Klangbox may just become your new favorite… just sayin’. Here’s what you heard: … MORE

The Egyptian Lover

Tonight we have the pleasure of hosting one of the American electronic music pioneers, The Egyptian Lover. Straight from LA, this dude was dropping bass before many of us were even born. With the help of his trusty Roland TR-808 drum machine, his hit singles including “Egypt, Egypt” and “I Need A Freak” laid the foundation for the vast array of electronic genres from electro to hip-hop to house music. If you’re in the Miami area, stop by and perhaps snag a copy of our limited edition Egyptian Lover posters designed by Kent Hernandez. get your last-minute pre-sales HERE … MORE

POMPEYA Interview and Ticket Contest

This Thursday June 6th, Kodex Agency brings to us POMPEYA at Bardot. The band hails from frigid Moscow, Russia yet their music radiates warm lo-fi beats and catchy vocals guaranteed to capture and enamor listeners. To date, POMPEYA has released Tropical (2011), Foursome (2012), as well as a remix compilation of ‘Power’ through Tiger On A Leash. The band is currently signed to No Shame Records and expects to release a full-length album later this year. Treat yourself to a quick interview with lead singer, Daniil Brod, and a free download of their single ‘Y.A.H.T.B.M.F’ HERE as a warm up to debut Miami performance! … MORE