Just got a new promo from Shinedoe – the Amsterdam based producer/DJ’s new full length “Illogical Directions” is quite a gem and is scheduled for release on May 19th. Look out for the collaborative track with the Knife’s Karin Dreijer. Shinedoe’s music is a little harder than what we normally post here but nevertheless deserving of all of our attention. … MORE

Leon Vynehall

Spin, Fact, RBMA, XLR8R, Boiler Room, and have covered Leon Vynehall‘s work, he’s played alongside Mano Le Tough, Pional, Moodyman, Prosumer, Vakula, and many more, plus he’s remixed Midland, Juan Maclean, and Kevin Griffiths amongst others. He calls his music Lo-Fi soul house and claims “spuoɯɐıp sǝʞɐɯ ǝɹnssǝɹd ˙ɔısnɯ punoɹƃʞɔɐq ou s,ǝɹǝɥʇ ʇɐɥʇ sı ʎʇıןɐǝɹ ɥʇıʍ ǝןqnoɹʇ ןɐǝɹ ǝɥʇ” Check him out: … MORE

Fixed Miami Ticket Give-Away

For five strong years, The Vagabond here in Miami has hosted the Fixed Miami party and it never disappoints. In the spirit of Miami Music Week, we at Nightdrive have secured a pair of tickets to give away for anyone visiting our fair city in search of good tunes and good times. The line-up speaks for itself. … MORE


New jams from Oz! Inkswel is back with some amazing beat making and funk vibes. The title track No More Suckas features the likes of Bay Area native Dave Aju in a sexy boogie-laced cut with the poetic refrain “You got me dancing like there are ants in my pants; girl give me a chance.” With Saturated, we get a classic sounding house track with the soulful R&B crooning of guest vocal cords, Aesili and Charli. Throw in some smooth spoken word by Cazeaux O.S.L.O., … MORE

Vanilla Ace

Cute name huh? If you’re looking for that perfect blend between deep house and big disco look no further, Vanilla Ace‘s got you covered. Let’s not put him in a box though as he does produce all sorts of dance floor friendly electronic sub-genres such as indie dance, nu disco, hip house, space disco, garage, and more. … MORE

Christian S

Christian S reps the Cómeme crew once again with “Pitch Rider,” a five track release with some particularly raw sounds. The title track is a mesmerizing techno track that hits you over the head with a heavy ride cymbal; great for that peak-hour dance floor energy. The long hot summer version of Die Durch Die Nase Lachen is a deeper excursion with a funky bass line, … MORE

Danny Daze: Silicon

It’s been a minute since we reported about homeboy Danny Daze’s antics, but truthfully he’s been jet-setting for so long that it’s been hard to keep up. Today we received notice from Ultramajic of a brand new video for his latest EP Silicon animated by Joeri Woudstra. Take a 4 minute break from your day for a quick little mind trip. … MORE

Skit & Tijani: Smooth Operators

So I’m on my way back home the other night when I decided to check what’s playing on the radio. Now, considering myself somewhat of a music elitist who in fact never actually listens to any local radio stations, I decide to tune in to one of the two radio programs via internet that I exclusively subscribe to; BBC Radio 1Xtra. My other station of course being [inserts 2 thumbs up!] Never having been let down before and surely enough as the station came through the speakers; my ears were instantly filled with immense joy. Now the culprits responsible for this suddenly unexplainable case of head bobbing and body grooving are nun other than the incredible talents of Skit & Tijani. The song title: “Sweat”. This new electronic R&B banger is being released on Plastician’s (Dubstep and Grime pioneer) label Terrorhythm Recordings (UK). … MORE


Local duo Swanken is Sean Levisman + Jonathan Schwab or as they describe themselves: “Two white boys on an epic quest to find that elusive thing called soul.” PetFood, So Sound, Musical Missionary have released some of their tracks although these boys are pretty generous on soundcloud where they’ve posted quite a few freebies. Expect deep house, garage, and some local collaborations… good stuff! … MORE