Skit & Tijani: Smooth Operators

So I’m on my way back home the other night when I decided to check what’s playing on the radio. Now, considering myself somewhat of a music elitist who in fact never actually listens to any local radio stations, I decide to tune in to one of the two radio programs via internet that I exclusively subscribe to; BBC Radio 1Xtra. My other station of course being [inserts 2 thumbs up!] Never having been let down before and surely enough as the station came through the speakers; my ears were instantly filled with immense joy. Now the culprits responsible for this suddenly unexplainable case of head bobbing and body grooving are nun other than the incredible talents of Skit & Tijani. The song title: “Sweat”. This new electronic R&B banger is being released on Plastician’s (Dubstep and Grime pioneer) label Terrorhythm Recordings (UK). … MORE

Gorgon City ft. MNEK: Ready & Waiting

As many of you might already be aware, there’s a wave of freshly cut production’s heading our way, from across the pond (UK). –(Yes, I’m aware that rhymed.) Moving along… Gorgon City is the name that comes to mind, as they have been taking the industry by storm and getting massive support left, right and center by some of the biggest DJ’s and radio personalities out there. If you’re not yet familiar with Gorgon City and MNEK’s work, I certainly suggest you do so. These majestic music makers will do nothing if but provide dope dance grooves inflicting all sorts of ear orgasmic pleasure. … MORE

Physical Therapy

Berlin-based producer/DJ Daniel Fisher (a.k.a ‘Physical Therapy’) surprised many with his incredibly varied recent effort ‘Non-Drowsy’ last month, released on his brand new imprint ‘Allergy Season’. Fisher’s recent work has been decidedly techno oriented, and this release marks a step in a very different direction for him. … MORE

DJ Sire Basel Topsafe Mix

Live Mix of some house, garage, r&b from DJ Sire at the Most Oddinism exhibit over Art Basel last weekend. Tracks from Disclosure, Storm Queen, Armand Van Helden & Moonboots set the mood around art by Espo, Roids & Topsafe London. You can also check out Sire on Tuesdays from 4-6pm! … MORE

Alej Varez & Tavin Reiter

As some of you may or may not know holds a remix contest for some selected releases in collaboration with artists and labels. This month their remix contest track of choice is that of Climbers & Blond:ish ‘Town Joker’. Now in the spirit of this, we’ve decided to take the opportunity to showcase an amazing remix made right here in our beautiful city. One that not only brings a great deep dancing vibe to any club floor, but that also represents the many talents this sunny city has to offer as well. … MORE

Barnaby Bruce

Barnaby is a professional percussionist and DJ that has been playing for the past 20 years. His passion is Afro-Cuban music, and he’s studied with many of the Salsa greats In New York and Cuba! Now living in Hong Kong, Barnaby keeps busy by passing on what he has learnt to like-minded students. He even has a hard edge Afro-cuban band name Banda Orbita. But this isn’t what im here to share with you. … MORE

Interview with Circo Inverso

Loveless Records finally released the long awaited “Leaving In A While” EP from Circo Inverso on December 3rd. Described as “sex music from the future” Circo Inverso’s EP is just that; a trio of lovelorn slow jams from the year 2050.
Here’s an interview with Chris Markou, aka Circo Inverso. … MORE

Bonnie Beats: Sequin Steps (Exclusive Nightdrive Mix)

Hello darling Nightdrivers, allow me to introduce myself: The name’s Bonnie Consuela Maria Garcia Beats, but you can call me Profesora. I’m kidding, c’mon man. No, but really, many of you might know me as the slightly boisterous and big-haired Bonnie Beats of Wynwood Radio’s Sample City or might have heard my name (and sound) buzzing through the streets of Miami. In any case, I have had the honor of being invited to join the talented roster of DJ artists of Nightdrive’s Collective an-.. yes, yes I know, hold the applause, I’ll take your questions later, and I wanted express my gratitude by putting a mix together in honor of Nightdrive’s discoheads and distinct fans. … MORE