Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts

Listen to Canada born Berlin-based Guillaume Coutu Dumont’s music and you’ll be taken to a mystical place Gauguin must have also visited. Consider his music techno, acid, disco, and house but don’t forget the underlying world sound that often incorporates ethnic musical instruments blended with the synthesized sounds that make up the dance music we all love. … MORE

Tarjei’s Snurrehus

The latest addition to KLANGBOX.FM‘s radio host family is UNTZ UNTZ label head Tarjei Nygard (also off of Prins Thomas’ Full Pupp label). Tarjei will be hosting his Snurrehus show every Thursday from 12-2pm est and will be showcasing all that amazing Northern European deep dub disco. Catch the first episode today at noon as he’s in town and will be broadcasting live from the KLANGBOX.FM studio. He’s also performing FOR FREE tomorrow Friday March 28th at GRAMPS alongside Mike Simonetti, The Glue, Mikey R, Benton Galgay, and myself (Laura of Miami). Continue reading for some freebies -> … MORE

Fixed Miami Ticket Give-Away

For five strong years, The Vagabond here in Miami has hosted the Fixed Miami party and it never disappoints. In the spirit of Miami Music Week, we at Nightdrive have secured a pair of tickets to give away for anyone visiting our fair city in search of good tunes and good times. The line-up speaks for itself. … MORE


Earlier this week electronic music producer, Dromes, reached out to me wearing his music on his sleeve. I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of well-rounded remixes and original tracks, which range from deep house to nu disco and even hip-hop. I then reached out with some questions, which resulted in this short, but sweet interview. You can also find some exclusive downloads below available only on Nightdrive ;) … MORE


New jams from Oz! Inkswel is back with some amazing beat making and funk vibes. The title track No More Suckas features the likes of Bay Area native Dave Aju in a sexy boogie-laced cut with the poetic refrain “You got me dancing like there are ants in my pants; girl give me a chance.” With Saturated, we get a classic sounding house track with the soulful R&B crooning of guest vocal cords, Aesili and Charli. Throw in some smooth spoken word by Cazeaux O.S.L.O., … MORE

Vanilla Ace

Cute name huh? If you’re looking for that perfect blend between deep house and big disco look no further, Vanilla Ace‘s got you covered. Let’s not put him in a box though as he does produce all sorts of dance floor friendly electronic sub-genres such as indie dance, nu disco, hip house, space disco, garage, and more. … MORE


If you’ve listened to our Radio Nightdrive show (Thursdays 2-4pm est on you may have noticed our love for UK producer Fingerman. He edits everything from balearic disco, rare house, to 90s RnB. Check him out on the Midnight Riot compilations and Chopshop records, this man is on fire. … MORE

Radio Nightdrive 2.13.14

Tune into, our brand spankin’ new radio station! Radio Nightdrive airs every Thursday from 2-4PM with your hosts Laura of Miami and Patrick Walsh. You’ll hear some of our favorite tracks from this blog as well as other music we think you should hear. Here’s the playlist for today’s show: … MORE

That Man Monkz

Scott Moncrieff aka Thatmanmonkz is the shit. Dood is based out of Sheffield, Britain and has quite a collection of podcasts, edits, and originals on his soundcloud page. He’s also the head honcho at Shadeleaf Music which has promised some serious vinyl releases this year. His artist description reads: … MORE

Public District

Sweden’s Robert Svensson aka Public District has left a serious impression on our disco ears with his new release Wait For The Light off of Tom Tom Disco. His original productions are funktabulous and his choice of remixers is on point: Irregular Disco Workers and Tronik Youth. This oughtta get you’re Monday moving. … MORE