Radio Nightdrive 11/29/12


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DJ Nu-Mark

I’m a sucker for tropical music, Marimbas, steel drums, and good promos. Co-sign Collective sent me this little gem a couple of days ago and it’s been getting me in tropical Miami winter mode. DJ Nu-Mark (from Jurassic 5) is typically more on the hip hop tip, but we like to mix things up a lil here on as to keep you guys in the loop with all sorts of new stuff. … MORE

James Silk

I’ve never been an avid follower of hip-hop or R&B, but for some reason I get a huge rush when I recognize a hip-hop or freestyle sample in a house track. And when it’s done well, it really makes my day. James Silk does just that. Of course that’s not all he does, but when I hear Nu Shooz or Isley Brothers (Ice Cube for some) coming through, it just hits my pop culture funny bone. … MORE

Kim Ann Foxman Update

One of my favorite ladies in house music just came out with a quite notable EP off of NeedWant. Kim Ann Foxman’s “Return It/ Hypnotic Dance” release has had me bouncing all weekend and I can’t wait to give these tracks a try on the dance floor. Foxman headlined our Nightdrive Anniversary party last WMC at Chalk along with DJ T., Pillowtalk, Maxxi Soundsystem, and Danny Daze (she definitely gave the boys a run for their money). Plus she’s by far the nicest DJ Nightdrive has ever booked. … MORE

Dan Bodan

On a recent trip to Germany I was made privy to an up and coming French-Canadian artist named Dan Bodan. Based in Berlin, Bodan makes romantic electronic pop music stripped to the bare essentials and marinated with his soft yet hauntingly attractive voice. With his first single already out on DFA Records, his unique talents within the field of minimal electro-pop have not gone unnoticed. … MORE


Strange to think you gotta go all the way to europe to discover techno and its deep American roots but, alas, that seems to be my reality day to day. The more electronic music I discover, the more I realize that many of my favorite DJs and producers all come from Detroit, a city whose musical history and cultural significance cannot be overstated. When you look upon the ever expanding universe of producers and Djs who inundate our ears on a regular basis, Omar-S AKA Alex Omar Smith is somewhat of an enigma in the modern era. A born and bred Detroiter, Smith’s productions are channeled through analogue alchemy and heavy doses of acid to find their place comfortably within the amorphous, ying and yang duality that is house and techno. Smith was a low-key producer who by day certified car parts for Ford with a colorful array of markers. At night, those very same markers were used to hand label limited vinyl-only releases on his very own FXHE Records (for reasonable prices I might add). He deviated from his DIY MO in 2009 and rose to larger acclaim with a release on Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature called Blown Valvetrane, later being chosen by London’s Fabric club for their 45th mix. … MORE

Azari & III Ticket Giveaway

We’re loving the general enthusiasm for the Azari & III show tomorrow night at Grand Central. It’s been something we’ve been working on for years and can’t wait to share with you guys. We’ve also added local act Kurtz & Bomber and our own Laura of Miami to the bill. Yesterday Grand Central had a Facebook ticket give away and people were saying things like:

“I haven’t heard this type of feel good music in a long time. Their rhythm is sick and I’ve been a fan for whileeeeee!”

” I’ve never seen them live and I’ve never been to grand central and I’m driving up all the way from key west for this show”

“Unless you’ve been living under a rock for two years, you’ve heard “hungry for the power” and all of its beautiful remixes. They’ll be here on Friday. Bam!”

We’re just as excited as you are and now it’s our turn to dish up some free passes for y’all. … MORE


Massachusetts native and UMiami alum, Figgy, is a DJ/producer dishing out some dancy bass tracks chalk full of original beats and distorted samples. Figgy first got his start in music playing the trombone in his school band which ended up granting him a scholarship to the Frost school of music at UMiami. At the moment you can find him hopping around the north east playing gigs and parties, as well as dabbling with piano, guitar and bass. If there is something I got from my interview with Figgy, it’s that he enjoys the finer things in life, such as teaching his guinea pig tricks “you know, the basics”. … MORE

Little Things

Call it an obsession but I’ve had this track on repeat for weeks now and I think I might have to chill out on playing it at the clubs. The hook is beyond catchy and the lyrics speak a humble truth. Best of all it’s a collaboration between Walker & Royce and Eli Escobar… Can’t go wrong with that one. … MORE