Amsterdam Dance Event

Autumn is a time of transition as the sweltering heat of summer tappers off, giving way to cooler days, longer nights, and for those of us blessed to be close enough to the land, a period of natural bounty. Alas, this past month has been quite magnanimous for Nightdrive and her fans. While SBTRKT, Thieves Like Us, and our Mission to Mars went off without a hitch, we still have that rag-tag cohort of digital psychonauts known as Azari and III to look forward to in the coming weeks! … MORE

Bonnie Beats: Sequin Steps (Exclusive Nightdrive Mix)

Hello darling Nightdrivers, allow me to introduce myself: The name’s Bonnie Consuela Maria Garcia Beats, but you can call me Profesora. I’m kidding, c’mon man. No, but really, many of you might know me as the slightly boisterous and big-haired Bonnie Beats of Wynwood Radio’s Sample City or might have heard my name (and sound) buzzing through the streets of Miami. In any case, I have had the honor of being invited to join the talented roster of DJ artists of Nightdrive’s Collective an-.. yes, yes I know, hold the applause, I’ll take your questions later, and I wanted express my gratitude by putting a mix together in honor of Nightdrive’s discoheads and distinct fans. … MORE

Radio Nightdrive 10.25.12


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Playlist after the jump … MORE

Panic Bomber

Our buddy Panic Bomber is a restless soul. Even as his new Kurtz & Bomber release charts on Beatport (on Digweed’s Bedrock label), he’s still pumping out some raw cuts as a solo artist. Here we have a nice take on Rose Royce’s Wishing On A Star with his signature compositional style and fluid breakdown and build-up. All you need to do is show him some Twitter or Facebook love and you can have it! … MORE

Suzanne Kraft

A few weeks ago Diego Herrera aka Suzanne Kraft dropped his latest release Horoscope off of Friends of Friends sub-label Young Adults. The 7 track EP is a perfect follow up to Green Flash released sometime last year (for Running Back). Sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy the slow tempo disco. … MORE

The Peronists

A huge part of the Miami youth has some sort of Latin background, which means despite all the boom boom and indie rock there must be a place left in our hearts for Chucu Chucu. With that said, it’s nice to see folkloric latin music mixed with bass, dub, and a 4/4 dance beat. The Peronists are on the front of the electronic cumbia wave. … MORE