Charanjit Singh

If you were to ask me about the origins of acid house before two days ago, I would of told you it started either in Chicago or some ancient druid castle squatted by neo-pagans in the hinterlands of Northern England. Phuture’s “Acid Tracks” released in 1987 is generally accepted as the first example of the genre but to learn about the true origins of acid we have to back a full five years and across the globe to India, I repeat, India:1982. I know, it sounds strange to believe but trust me on this one, it’s dope. … MORE

Radio Nightdrive 9.27.12


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FAC Dance 02

Anyone who appreciates a strong dose of 80s post-punk nostalgia and all its eclectic weirdness will really enjoy Factory Records’ latest deep dive into its back catalog. Holding up to the light some of its lesser known acts, James Nice (of Factory Benelux) curates a spectrum of underground sounds ranging from jazz to dub to Arabic disco to electronic post-punk pop. … MORE


Can’t wait to hear more from Kwes. We know this one is a little old but we had to add it to our blog track collection regardless. Listening to Kwes’ music is as warm and gratifying as hanging out with current lover or future partner. The song “lgoyh” off his last EP Meantime was released back in the spring and he’s been getting some nice momentum since then. According to his fan page he says “Still can’t believe this happened…Played on Fallon with Bobby Womack & the crew last Friday…” Dude’s getting big quick. … MORE

Venice Beach

We’re really excited to announce that we’ll be hosting some very special guests next month for our Scaramouche party at Villa 221. Laura first blogged about Venice Beach last September and since then the Parisian duo has really solidified their fresh grooves. Their latest Edits Vol.2 release is an absolute pleasure that you can purchase HERE. They’ll be hitting the decks for Scaramouche on October 13th right after Art Walk. … MORE

Light Asylum

At this point, modern music culture moves as fast as the electrons streaming in and out of our cable modems and it can be overwhelming at times. Thankfully there are individuals in this world with skills to capture the echoes of genres past, like cosmologists monitoring background radiation in outer space for evidence of stars who have long since collapsed into black holes or vaporized into super novae. There is knowledge in this long forgotten past and through knowledge comes truth and a better understanding of the present. … MORE

JD Samson Interview

I remember the girls from Le Tigre DJed at Revolver back in 2004, but I don’t think they’ve been in Miami since then (I may be wrong). Coincidentally that was around the same time when Ladyballs was blowing up a Churchills. 7-8 years later we’ve decided both Ladyballs and JD Samson (from Le Tigre and Men) needed to return. I can’t give you much info about Ladyballs yet other than “Coming soon” but I can tell you they’ll both be back tomorrow night at The Vagabond (and it’s also my birthday). … MORE

Woolfy Vs Projections: The Return of Love

Woolfy Vs Projections are back with a new album titled The Return of Love, their second release off of Permanent Vacation of course. Simon James and Dan Hastie have reconnected to bring you a blend of genres ranging from Balearic folk to psychedelic disco. … MORE